Monday, November 10, 2014

The Missed Chance {Part 2 of 3} - Short Fiction

*Disclaimer: This is short piece of fiction that I wrote for my English 203 class, it has already been submitted for grading. I decided to share it because I am proud of it. If you didn't read the first part you can here, now enjoy the next part.***

The first several months that they worked together they didn’t really talk to each with the exceptional “Hi” and “Bye”. But one night he was playing at a local run-down bar as he finished his favorite, self-written song he saw a long haired blonde girl walk up to the bar. This time she stuck out; she didn’t look like she belonged in a rundown bar, more like dance club where the alcohol was disguised with bright colors and in test tube. 
    After his set he went out into the audience and asked if she wanted to get a drink with him, she agreed. They then sat there for hours talking and laughing. She was nothing like the girl he had built up in his head. He learned that she wasn’t the spoiled little brat that could just grab Daddy’s credit card and buy whatever she pleases; she didn’t even know who her dad was.
    The bartender called final call and Eli finally asked the question he had been dying to know since he saw her walk into a bar. “Why’d you come? You don’t seem much like punk rocker fan.”
    “I had the coolest aunt in the world who used to be a groupie for the band, NOFX and then when I was like thirteen she got diagnosed with cancer. She last only about 11 month after diagnosis, but for her whole hospital stay she insisted that punk music be played. And after she died it felt like punk was the only connection I had with her.” She said with a small smile.
    “Is it just you and your brother now?” Eli asked.
    “Yeah, my mom wasn’t exactly maternal, she spent more time nursing a glass of rum and coke then she ever did taking care of us. When my younger brother graduated high school we moved out, it’s hard at time but we make it work.” While Sami told that story her Eli notice how there was pain behind her confident exterior.
    That night was the beginning of everything, over the next year they learned everything about each other and his feelings started to blossom. He told her details about his life that he had never told anyone else. Like the meaning behind his favorite song, about how he feels like his parents look at him a like a failure. She was always there to talk; she’d smile and made him feel like he was worth something. And the day she told him she got into law school he felt his heart fall knowing that
everything was about to change.  

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