Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Missed Chance {Part 1 of 3} - Short Fiction

*Disclaimer: This short story is a one that I wrote for class and now want to share on my blog. This story has already been submitted and I'm pretty proud of it. I have broken it into multiple parts because why not right?***

Eli walked into the kitchen to check on his employees, just walking in the room remind him why he hated this place so much. He smelt the built up grease that always manage to stick to his clothes like a piece of gum on a high school desk. And then there was the never ending beeping of the timers, on the fryers that went off every three minutes, indicating that golden pieces of potatoes were done.  As he got closer to the front counter he saw her, the girl who always made this place feel less like Hell, the girl who walked out of his life almost twelve months ago without really knowing just how much he cared.
    It was obvious that she had grown up in the last year while she was in New York City. Her clothes now looked grown up, wearing an ironed white button up instead her vintage baseball style shirt and a navy blue knee-length skirt instead of ripped up jeans. Her make-up now had more natural colors, rather than the blues and pinks that once painted her face.
He could still remember the day he met her. It was his first day on the job; he felt like he stuck out like a sore thumb. He was a punk rocker dude, with long black greasy hair that just kind of fell at his shoulder, he had gauges in his ears along with multiple other piercings that scattered his face.
Then he saw her; she was standing by the grill, talking to cooks. She had a smile that lit up the whole kitchen and beautiful blue eyes that looked like they were smiling on their own. She had her long blonde hair in a high pony. He had known girls like that; they were the girls that bullied him high school because he wasn’t their definition of cool. But then their eyes met, and she gave him a huge smile.
She slowly moved over to him and said, “Hi, you must be the new guy; I heard you were starting today. I’m Sami; I’m the host, don’t worry I’ll make sure you only get good customers.” It threw him off how nice she had been to him; all he could do was nod, smile and thanked her.
    Now, almost 2 and half years later he debated saying hi to her. How was he supposed to tell the girl who had always thought that he could do something more with his music then just playing in his garage and open mic nights, that he still worked at the place they hated. But even worse now he was the manager. 

Next Part Coming Soon!

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  1. This sounds like such a great story! I can't wait to read more! :D


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