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Happy Travel Thursday! Before I start this post I want to give you a heads up that this post will have a boat ton (pun intended) of pictures. Hopefully it will make up for the last two which were lacking as well as give you a good idea of what the Disney Fantasy really looks like. Also if you've missed the first seven days of this trip you can find links to them here.

So, this day of the trip was our last day at sea. Days at sea are some of my favorite days on cruises. Especially on a Disney Cruise, there is always so much to do, all you have to do is check you're daily navigator. Or you can chose to be more relaxed and hang out at the different pools, go to the spa or enjoy the view from deck four. And you can do all that without feeling guilty for not getting off the boat. 

On this particular day I started out by sleeping in because I had been so busy from all the activities I had been doing. When I woke up it was closer to lunch time so I decided to head up to Cabana's for early lunch. Because this day was Star Wars Day at Sea I watched what was going on. I had never seen a Star Wars movie but from what I could see it all seem pretty cool. I feel like if I knew more about the franchise I would have been super into it.

After lunch I went to one of the adult only pools, the one I went to is the more secluded of the two which I really liked.  During that time I laid on one of the pool chairs and finished reading As Old of Time. Although it was super relaxing it was also very cold and windy which made it that I didn't really want to sit in the pool. Although I tried and the pool got pretty wavy.

After finishing my book I went down to meet Mama Judy. We discussed what we wanted to do that afternoon but had a hard time because every activity was Star Wars based and we know next to nothing about that franchise. I think if you are a Star Wars fan this cruise is perfect but if you aren't I would highly recommend looking for a Disney Cruise without the Star Wars theme. We ultimately decided to go back to our stateroom and watch a movie because we were too cold to sit by the pool.

That night Mama Judy had a spa appointment during our scheduled dinner time. There was nothing on the menu that night that really appealed to me so I decided to skip it. We decided to order room service together before she went up to the spa. I forget what Mama Judy order but I'm pretty sure that she enjoyed. I got buffalo wings and baked mac and cheese. The chicken wings were really good but the baked mac&cheese wasn't as good as what I heard. The best way I can describe it is that it tasted like a frozen dinner mac and cheese that someone threw bread crumbs on and then sent up to my room.

While Mama Judy was at the spa I went and explore the ship. While doing so I took a bunch of pictures so enjoy!
Our door

The beginning of the adult only section

Outside Animator's Palate

Some fan art of something from Star Wars.

Love that Disney detail

Getting ready for the Star Wars Party

Hong Kong Castle

Tokyo Castle

Magic Kingdom Castle

After walking all over the ship (I definitely got my steps in that day) I went to one of the bars on board. I loved the theming because the bar itself was shaped kind of like a Merry Go Round.

While I was sitting there I listen to a couple talk about how they met and how they were planning their wedding. As well listening to some live music. The piano-ist played some songs that were popular including his own version of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood.

By the time I had finished my drink Mama Judy was done with the spa. We met back up at our stateroom, while there I grabbed a pair of headphones. For those of you who don't know fireworks give pretty bad anxiety because I can't control how loud the sound is. I figured that if I played my own music through headphones I would help and it did. I only wanted to see the Star Wars fireworks to take picture so enjoy the pictures.

We didn't have the best viewing spot and my camera kept focusing on the pole instead of the show but oh well. When the fireworks were over we headed back to our room to get some sleep because the next day was Castaway Cay day!
That night's towel animal friend
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