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I can't believe how close I am to being done with this trip's series. I have so many more travel plans for the next twelve months plus a whole other trip to report coming soon so there are still plenty of posts to come. With that being said if you missed the first 8 days of this trip you can check out the links on the master post.

This day was the last full day of our trip. As with every other trip this day is always bitter sweet. You want to stay positive because your still on vacation but you sad because it's almost over. On this day I woke Mama Judy up early then she wanted to be woken up because I had characters I needed to meet.

We got ready in a hurry and found our way onto Disney's beautiful private island, Castaway Cay. If you ever go on a Disney Cruise getting off at Castaway Cay is a must!

Once we got off we were in search of the characters I wanted to meet. We had to walk around a little to try and figure out where the meet location were, I will say that I wish Disney did a better job telling the meet and greet locations on the island. Ultimately we learned it was right outside the ship.

The first meet and greet we were going to was to meet Chip and Dale. If you look closely to at the picture above you can see one of the chipmunks attempting to help clean the ship. It was pretty funny to watch. Once they were done cleaning they began their meet and greets and we hopped in line to meet them. It was a pretty good meet and greet except the cast member who was their character attendant tried to translate for them too much. I think he probably assumed that I was a "too cool" teenager who was just their for the photo op. I know his heart was in the right place but it was just a little annoying.

I was wearing a Monster University hat and asked them who would be the better scarer. They couldn't agree.

After the meet and greet we had a little bit of time to kill before the next one. We had left something on the ship so I ran back up and Mama Judy took some pictures around the dock area.

Can you tell how windy it was?

When I got back we got in line for the second meet and greet. This time we were a little further back so we had to wait a little while longer.
The pin I got on our Magic Kingdom Day but kept on me the rest of the trip.
Soon it was time to meet Donald. It was another great meet and greet. We talked about his experience at Monsters University and he looked at the map behind us to show me and the character attendant where we were. Once again the cast member was super involved in the meet and greet but followed my lead more then Chip and Dale's character attendant.

After the meet and greets Mama Judy and I made our way over to Serenity Bay which is the adult only beach on the island. On our way we picked up the inner tubes we were renting. For about an hour we hung out in the ocean and then went to get lunch. TIP: There is a BBQ location at both the family sections as well as the adult only section.

After lunch we returned to the beach but didn't stay as long this time. It was pretty chilly that day and there were a lot of flies out. Eventually we walked back to the ship. When we got back on board we debated going up to ride the Aqua Duck but we were still too cold. I ultimately decided to watch the boat leave while Mama Judy went up to the Spa.

Soon the boat was on the move again. I got ready for dinner and went to see the show they were showing in the Walt Disney Theatre. Mama Judy opted not to see the show because she had seen it so many times in the past.

After the show we met back up and did our shopping. The shops are closed whenever the ship is in port so you can only shop when you are at sea. When we were done shopping we packed our bags and put them out in the hallway to be picked up by crew members. We wouldn't see them again until we got to our home airport as Disney does all the checking in for you.

And then it was time for our last dinner. That night we were eating Royal Court. The food was good but definitely wasn't our favorite meal of the trip. At dinner we said good-bye to our table mates from Scotland as they were disembarking as soon as they could because they had an early flight.

After dinner we went to see the See Ya Real Soon show. I also decided to put down a deposit so that I could have a place on another Disney Cruise anytime before January 2019. FUN FACT: Disney allows you to put down two types of deposits on cruise ~ 1 is about $250 dollars that holds your place on another Disney Cruise within 2 calendar years. The other one is a deposit on an exact cruise where you have to be able to put down at least 20% of the cost. But both come with perks if you do it such as on onboard credit!

I don't know official details on my next cruise yet but stay tune because my cruise will come up sometime in the next 18-months! Plus I will try (no promises) to do some planning post to help people who are planning their Disney Cruise.

And that is the end of our last full day of our Disney Cruise! I'll write a quick post about going home and then move onto the next trip series!

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