Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello All,

At the end of April my mom, my family and I did a walk for Organ Donation. For those of who don't know my cousin has had 2 heart transplants during her life as well as a kidney transplant, which is the reason we do the walk. For the last three years my family has taken part in this walk, you can check out the post from last year by clicking here

This year our team was smaller then it has been in the past but we still represented. It was a beautiful day out, it was the mid-seventies and nice and cool. The walk is 2-miles long and for the most part is a very easy walk, there is only one part that's narrow and dirt and uphill. 

I believe that our team raised just over $700 but overall the walk raised just under $90,000 which is AMAZING. 

I don't normally like to get preachy on this blog, I would never tell someone what to do with their body, but I do want to thank everyone out there that is a register organ donor on their license and/or have had to make the decision to donate a love one's organs. I am so incredibly grateful for people like you because without people like you one of my favorite people in the world wouldn't be here today. 

As for pictures I didn't get many, actually I only got two but I'm going to show them to guys.

The starting line
This wasn't our shirt but I thought it was really cool. I believe the team's name was Lili&Meg. Also this picture is courtesy of my Instagram {judy_judy94}
I also vlogged the walk, although my camera started to die so I didn't get a lot of footage. You can get the vlog out below.

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