Tuesday, March 14, 2017

GRADUATION CRUISE 2017 || Travel Day {Day 1}

Hello All,

Welcome back to my blog and my cruise recap posts! Today is going to be the boring day on this trip's recap because there are next to no pictures. But I still want to document the trip. So, enjoy or skip it. And if you haven't already you can check out the recap of the whole trip here. Now that the housekeeping is out of the way let's get started.

On Thursday, January 5 I woke up relatively early because I had some errands to run. I had to run to Best Buy to get a charger for my camera. I also went to DSW to look for water shoes for Mama Judy, as well as I believe target to grab sunscreen I think. 

When I got home I finished packing up my carry on and I charged my laptop. As well as doing some last minute cleaning. I also had to run to my friends Tori's house because she was keeping an eye on our house while we were away and I needed to give her a key. 

Finally it was time for us to leave the house. We had to run a quick errand to Target and then headed to the airport. We got through security very quickly, there was next to no lines there, which is always good. We plopped down in a seat and Mama Judy attempted to take a nap (remember when I napped on the airport floor when I was coming home from Disney in 2015?). Our local airport also had a candy bar so I went and enjoyed some candy. 

We got on board our flight. We were flying Jet Blue which now offers wifi. Which was awesome because I was able to get some YouTube work done from the air. Other then that our flight was pretty smooth and we arrived like twenty minutes earlier the expected. 
We headed to the ground level and got on board The Disney Magical Express which is an awesome way to get to the Disney Resorts. We were one of the last few people to get on the shuttle so we got going  pretty quickly. We were staying at Disney's Port Orleans: French Quarter. Mama Judy and I had stayed at the Port Orleans when I was younger but I had no memory of the resort. But I will now say I LOVED it. Probably one of my favorites. 

We went to check-in where we ran in some difficulty. Mama Judy's legal last name is pretty unique and sometimes computers get confused. Finally we got it all sorted out and got to our room. We got curled up in our beds and watched a Lifetime movie while we waited for our suitcases. Although I fell asleep before they got there. 

And that was the end of day one. I'm going to try and get these posts up ASAP but I don't want to guarantee when the next one will go up. 

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