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Where in the World Are They Now? Dawson's Creek Edition

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I'm back today with the newest addition of my Where in the world are they now series. You can find the first two by clicking here. This month I want to bring you back to May 14, 2003 when the WB's hit teen drama, Dawson's Creek aired its final episode. Dawson's Creek ran from January 1998 through May 2003, airing 6 seasons and winning 6 different awards. As always I'm adding the disclaimer that this is where I think the characters are. I have no clue where the writers pictured the characters.

But before we begin a quick refresher as to where all our favorite Capeside resident were.  Dawson Leery was off in Hollywood, where he was a show runner of his own version of Dawson's Creek. Joey was working as a publisher in New York City. Pacey Witter reopened the Potter's Restaurant, The Ice Box. Jack was the first openly gay high school teacher in Capeside and was also in a committed relationship with Pacey's brother Doug. Jack's sister Andie was an intern at a Boston hospital. And Jen and Grams were still living together, along with Jen's daughter. And in the series finale Jen passed away from a heart disorder.

Dawson Leery
When we last saw Dawson Leery he was the creator of his own TV show which was of course about life story. And he was also about to have dinner with his hero, Steven Spielberg. After that Dawson's Creek ended the show remained popular for a few seasons and in the end Dawson got the perfect ending because the characters based on himself and Joey ended up together. Dawson didn't do the best job of keeping in touch with his friends and now only hears from them on his birthday and holidays. Dawson has never found a girl that meets his high standards and spend most of his time sleeping around with actresses. 
Joey Potter
When we last saw Joey she was a successful editor and had finally ended the love triangle by choosing Pacey. Her and Pacey are still living in New York City where she has continued to move up the ranks of her editing corporation. Her and Pacey have 3 children. 1 boy and twin girls. Their son takes after Joey, he is very smart and hardheaded which causes him and Joey to butt heads often.
Pacey Witter
Pacey is still very much in love Joey. After moving to Boston he ran the Ice House remotely while also managing another restaurant. After a few years he had saved enough money to open another restaurant and now he owns two restaurant which are both popular and award winning in their own rights. Pacey is a very involved dad.
Evelyn "Grams" Ryan
When we last saw Grams she had just lost her beloved granddaughter. Pacey, Joey and Jack have kept in touch with Grams really well over the years. Especially Jack who is now raising Gram's great granddaughter. Grams now lives with her daughter. Grams has done a lot to keep Jen's memory alive. 
Jack McPhee
Jack and his boyfriend, Doug (Pacey's brother) got legally married after gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts in 2004. They are still happily married. Jack is still teaching English at Capeside High School as well as being the faculty advisor for their LGBT support group at Capeside. After the death of his best friend, Jen, he adopted her daughter. Jack does everything he can for her and keep Jen's memory alive. 
Andie McPhee

When we last saw Andie she was in medical school. Now she is a resident at Mass General. She also is happily married to one of the other doctors who she met during her internship. She recently had her first child, a little girl. Once a year she goes to a conference in New York City and when she does she always has dinner with Pacey and Joey. She also visits Capeside regularly to see Jack.

And that's where I picture the characters of Dawson's Creek today, almost 13 years after the show said their final good-bye. If you were a fan of Dawson's Creek where do you think your favorite characters are now? Let me know in the comments below. And don't forget to check in next month when I feature the next Where in the World edition. 

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